We offer a wide selection of high quality and high performance HF-spindles at an economically attractive price.

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Series Purpose Speed Range Power Output
HFSAC Air-cooled up to 24.000 RPM up to 2,2 kW
HFS Liquid-cooled up to 24.000 RPM up to 4,5 kW

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All benefits at a glance

Optimized for machining soft materials

HFS and HFS-AC spindles need to be used wherever it comes to milling conventional materials such as wood, plastics and aluminum at speeds of up to 24,000 RPM. With maximum run-out tolerances of 5 µm in the cone, customers can expect a long service life and excellent machining results for best performance.

A market standard - versatile and proven

Continuous optimization of design and manufacturing allow our spindle concept to be manufactured economically and accurate in large numbers. Strictly defined quality standards and the use of our proven spindle bearings lead to a product which is attractively priced and yet processed in uncompromising quality.

Air-cooled spindles

Air cooling - a reliable solution

The HFS-AC series spindles are similar to HFS models in both, power and torque characteristics, but are cooled with a built-in fan. This eliminates external cooling units and additional coolant hoses, creating a very simple installation, while minimizing the cost of additional units. Our HFS-AC series offer a very cost-effective and low-maintenance overall package which enables light tooling machines reliable plastic- and non-ferrous metal processing.

mechatron air-cooled spindles

Spindle Power Output [kW] Speed Range [RPM] Ø [mm] Weight [kg]
HFSAC-6508-24-ER11 0,8 24.000 65 2,5
HFSAC-8015-24-ER11 1,5 24.000 80 3,8
HFSAC-8022-24-ER16 2,2 24.000 80 4,4
HFSAC-8022-24-ER20 2,2 24.000 80 4,4

Liquid-cooled spindles

Liquid-cooled spindles - High performance in various applications

The HFS series are two-pole asynchronous spindles for universal milling of non-ferrous metals, plastics, wood, and micro cutting or engraving of low strength steels. Due to the speed-independent cooling mechanism, it is possible to temporarily boost into overload. This is independent from current RPM and marks a technological advantage compared to air-cooled spindles. Due to the rev-independent cooling system operating noises are at a permanently pleasant level. With the HFS series, we offer a reliable and economically spindle system for your optimized use.

Available liquid-cooled spindles

Spindle Power Output [kW] Speed Range [RPM] Ø [mm] Weight [kg]
HFS-6508-24-ER11 0,8 24.000 65 2,5
HFS-6515-24-ER11 1,5 24.000 65 3,5
HFS-8015-24-ER11 1,5 24.000 80 3,9
HFS-8022-24-ER16 2,2 24.000 80 4,8
HFS-8022-24-ER20 2,2 24.000 80 4,8
HFS-10030-24-ER20 3,0 24.000 100 9,0
HFS-10040-24-ER20 4,0 24.000 100 11,5
HFS-12545-24-ER20 4,5 24.000 125 19,0

Full package

All in one

You will receive matching components only - you can be sure that the reliable interaction of every component is guaranteed for your best use. This enables you to let go of any time loss caused by searching and setting up peripheral devices from different dealerships. On the following pages we would like to inform you about available components and their configuration options which allow you to create your most suitable package.

Programmed frequency inverter

A spindle-matching frequency inverter - if required with vector control – will be precisely pre-configured to your personal set-up. All that’s left to do is wiring the desired In- & Outputs (digital/analog) for rev.-control, operation mode, process monitoring, error-reports, etc.

Spindle holder

We offer a matching standard spindle holder for each spindle diameter. Giving you the opportunity to mount the spindle without an elaborately-made clamping block. Upon request we process your spindle holder by drilling, milling and tapping to your personal specified hole-pattern for mounting.

Cooling station

We offer optimized cooling systems for our liquid-cooled spindle system. It is available as a construction kit, as well as a ready-to-use unit including temperature control, flow monitoring and error-report signal output. Corresponding spindle coolants are offered matching the cooling station and spindle.

Collets and tool holders

We offer individual collets as well as a set in the following run-out tolerances: Class II < 15 µm, class I < 5 µm, matching every tool holder in our spindle system. Additional shrink-clamping accessories are available for spindles of our professional series.

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The All-in-One system

Cause of the assembled electrical cabinets you can save time and money. As standard the electrical cabinets are equipped with: programmed frequency converter, input filter, braking resistor, main power switch, circuit logic for emergency-stop and reset button.

Immediately usable, without wiring effort

For a prompt commissioning you receive the electrical cabinet already with a clear and professional wiring. You can benefit from our experience in configuration and installation of modern control technology.

Spindle emergency-stop integrated

According to your required level of security, we can realize several emergency-stop circuits. The shutdown of the spindle is based on stop-category 1 by controlled deceleration less than one second.

Connector Interface according to customer needs

We offer our electrical cabinets with standardized connector interfaces for a fast commissioning of the system.  On request we can also integrate your preferred interface.


Specialized solutions

You also have some other technical elements, which should be integrated in the electrical cabinet? We have to realize a special circuit according to your requirements? We are looking forward to advise you in a competent way to realize your requirements.

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