What to expect.

The professional series spindles have been specially developed for intensive and highly demanding industrial use. Technical characteristics meet the requirements of modern manufacturing processes. Professional series spindles are optimized for very high precision and durability while meeting mechatron quality specifications.
We offer the professional line with automatic (ATC) and manual (HFP) tool change. Our staff is looking forward to advise you in detail about our extensive product range.

Series Purpose Speed Range Output Performance
HFP High-Speed-Spindle up to 60.000 RPM up to 4,0 kW
HFP-Drill Drill Spindle up to 12.000 RPM up to 5,5 kW
HFP-Multi Multi-purpose Spindle up to 30.000 RPM up to 9,0 kW
ATC Automated tool change up to 42.000 RPM up to 7,5 kW
DTC Pneumatic direct change up to 50.000 RPM 0,8 kW

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Manual tool change


We offer high speed spindles for intensive industrial use at the highest quality and service demands. Whether for industrial use, high-quality shop floors or production machines – the HFP-series offer professional quality at attractive prices. Ask for a personalized quote:

Series Power Output [kW] Speed Range up to [RPM x 1000] Ø [mm] Weight [kg]
HFP-4802-ER8 0,2 42 50 48 1,5
HFP-6508-ER11 0,8 30 42 50 60 65 2,4
HFP-6515-ER11 1,5 30 42 50 60 65 3,5
HFP-8022-ER16 1,5 30 42 50 80 4,8
HFP-8022-ER20 2,2 30 42 50 80 4,9
HFP-10030-ER20 3,0 24 30 42 100 8,8
HFP-10040-ER20 4,0 24 30 42 50 55 100 10,6

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Manual tool change

You can reach maximum rigidity and system accuracy with a single tool interface. Tooling assembly via norm or shrink collets provides a low-cost but highly-precise solution for your non-automated process.

Sealing air as standard

All professional line spindles are equipped with our sealing air system which provides a special protection of high-speed bearings. As a result, the penetration from fine particles and liquids is minimized in most adverse conditions - decreasing dead times significantly.

Minimized run-out tolerance

The HFP-Series achieve run-out tolerances of less than 2 µm in the cone, you can expect excellent surface quality and minimum tool wear. Optional high-precision shrink collets can be used with specially offered CP nuts.


We constructed the HFP-Series as a freely configurable system solution. Thus we can layout the spindles conditioned to required speeds between 12.000 rpm and 60.000 rpm. If necessary we provide hybrid bearings for a further increased life span.


Drill Spindles within our HFP-Series are especially designed for low-speed drilling and processing of steel or non-ferrous metals. The use of special motors guarantees high-torque RPM’s at a compact-sized design.

Series Power Output [kW] Speed Range [RPM] Ø [mm] Weight [kg]
HFPD-8015-12-ER20 1,5 12.000 80 6,8
HFP-D-10525 2,5 9.000 105 15,5
HFP-D-12555 5,5 9.000 125 30,5

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Optimized bearing construction

The spindle bearings of the HFP-Drill Series are specially designed for high axial loads, enabling the industrial use as a spindle for drilling iron. Furthermore, the radial rigidity is increased by an enlarged support base.


The HFP-Multi spindle series are designed for milling steels and non-ferrous metals. Through the increased torque at low and nominal speeds of up to 30.000 RPM, such materials can be flexibly processed with a very broad power band.

Serie Nennleistung [kW] Drehzahlbereich bis [U/min] Ø [mm] Gewicht [kg]
HFPM-8022-24-ER20 2,2 24.000 80 6,8
HFPM-8022-30-ER20 2,2 30.000 80 6,8
HFP-M-12040 4,0 18.000 120 20,5
HFP-M-12055 5,5 18.000 120 21,5
HFP-M-12565 6,5 18.000 125 30,5
HFP-M-12575 7,5 18.000 125 30,5
HFP-M-12590 9,0 15.000 125 32,5

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High radial load

The construction is designed to be very stiff through solid construction and tight manufacturing tolerances in order to meet necessary requirements when processing steel. The rigidity is further increased through an enlarged support base as well as the stable bearing assembly.

Automated tool change


The ATC-Series spindles have a pneumatic cone change for best use in part or fully-automated production processes. We ship with ISO20, ISO30, ISO40 and HSK25 interfaces by default, additional construction types can be delivered upon request. The ATC-Series motor spindles are the right choice when achieving productivity goals by automated tool change without any length measurement after the change.

Series Power Output [kW] Tool interface Speed Range Ø [mm] Weight [kg]
ATC-8022-30-ISO20 2,2 ISO20 30.000 80 7,7
ATC-8022-30-HSK25 2,2 HSK25 30.000 80 7,5
ATC-8022-42-HSK25 2,2 HSK25 42.000 80 7,5
ATC-11045-24-ISO30 4,5 ISO30 24.000 110 23,0
ATC-12065-24-ISO30 6,5 ISO30 24.000 120 25,0
ATC-12575-12-ISO40 7,5 ISO40 12.000 125 34,0

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Pneumatic tool change

The ATC-Series provide an automatic tool change suitable for your semi- or fully-automated production process. Several possibilities to optimize your cycle times are given through cone changes within the ISO-, HSK and Direct-Exchange technology interface.

Minimized run-out tolerance

Thanks to sophisticated production processes we achieve run-out tolerances under 2µm in the cone; this contributes not only to a reduction of tool wear, but significantly to the achieved surface quality of your work piece.

High rotational speed

High-speed machining is a modern manufacturing process with extremely high demands on the spindle. The ATC-Series contribute by delivering excellent machining results while preparing the technical base for future pioneering technologies.

The perfect match

Take advantage from our know-how. Every offered accessory is a perfect match for the spindles, enabling you to concentrate on the essential: Your production. Thanks to our suppliers we are able to offer excellent product and service quality.


The spindles of the DTC-Series are equipped with a pneumatic direct tool change for best use in part- or fully-automated production processes. As standard we deliver our spindles of the DTC-Series with a WZF06 clamping collet within a clamping range from 3 mm to 6 mm.

Series Power Output [kW] Tool Interface Speed Range Ø [mm] Weight [kg]
DTC-6508-24 0,8 Pneum. direct-change 24.000 65 3,4
DTC-6508-30 0,8 Pneum. direct-change 30.000 65 3,4
DTC-6508-42 0,8 Pneum. direct-change 42.000 65 3,4
DTC-6508-50 0,8 Pneum. direct-change 50.000 65 3,4

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Pneumatic direct change

Suitable for part- or fully automated production processes.

Full package

Each customer as well as each application is unique and should therefore be dealt with in a customer-friendly manner. We are pleased to configure your worry-free-package for optimizing use of our spindle-solution in a professional and personal dialogue. Depending application and performance requirements, we offer customized packages which include necessary peripheries to operate the system.

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Everything from a single source

To exploit the high performance of the professional spindles, we offer tailor-made peripherals and suitable accessories like frequency converter, input filters and braking resistors. For the smooth operation of the system and a comfortable installation, we deliver all components in a built up electrical cabinet.

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The All-in-One system

Cause of the assembled electrical cabinets you can save time and money. As standard the electrical cabinets are equipped with: programmed frequency converter, input filter, braking resistor, main power switch, circuit logic for emergency-stop and reset button.

Immediately usable, without wiring effort

For a prompt commissioning you receive the electircal cabinet already with a clear and professional wiring. You can benefit from our experience in configuration and installation of modern control technology.

Spindle emergency-stop integrated

According to your required level of security, we can realize several emergency-stop circuits. The shutdown of the spindle is based on stop-category 1 by controlled deceleration less than one second.

Connector Interface according to customer needs

We offer our electrical cabinets with standardized connector interfaces for a fast commissioning of the system.  On request we can also integrate your preferred interface.


Specialized solutions

You also have some other technical elements, which should be integrated in the electrical cabinet? We have to realize a special circuit according to your requirements? We are looking forward to advise you in a competent way to realize your requirements.

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