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Customized solutions - beginning from the lowest quantities

In addition to our standard range of HF milling, grinding, engraving and drilling spindles, our expertise lies in the in-house development and production of spindles and other electrical equipment which will be tailored exactly to your specifications.

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Your advantages

Optimized for machine manufacturing

You produce machines in series and have special requirements on the main spindle? In most cases standard spindles seem to be the cost-efficient solution. However requirements are highly individual or particularly demanding. Custom-made mechatron spindles must not be your cost-intensive solution. If there is a corresponding increase of demand – we will provide an economical construction for your processes.

Custom-tailored to your solution

You have a very specific application, a high-speed test-bench for example? Our series spindles are perfectly designed for use in tooling machines. It is also possible to meet demands of numerous other applications. However it is technically reasonable to interpret and meet the demands of your application to guarantee an optimized use of our spindle systems. This makes it possible to design interfaces to your specific application, enabling you to get a personal engine characteristic for best use. In order to reduce contract costs it is possible to implement spindles with modifications taken from our most reliable STANDARD-Series.

Maximum power output on defined spaces

Are you in need of a compact and lightweight engine while still achieving a high power output? Due to our highly specialized supplier network of market leaders in the area of high-performance engine development, mechatron is able to attain very high power densities in small dimensioned spindle systems. This directly benefits to your specific project because we are able to build to your given diameter, length and weight restrictions. Our expertise and supplier network helps to draw these solutions from a pool of available high-performance engines.

Product examples

Ultra-short drilling spindle used in a machining centre for a large-scale drive shaft production within the automotive industry

A given drive torque must be met while not exceeding a maximum spindle length to guarantee the possible use in a compact sized machine room. In addition the spindle must always be able to withstand a KSS exposure while meeting the IP-67 degree of protection.

Drive motors for a flywheel disc test bench for motorcycle engines with customized mandrel.

A motorcycle engine manufacturer performs 100% rotor tests for its ignition system. In order to minimize cycle times these rotors must be accelerated to 20,000 RPM in a short time while having a high moment of inertia. This required a powerful, yet compact-sized mechatron engine.

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